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Meet Alfons – Our Editor in Chief

Alfons is the visionary leader and driving force behind Voyager Info’s success. As the Editor in Chief, he brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for travel to the helm of our cruise-centric platform.

With a lifelong fascination for exploring new horizons, Alfons discovered his love for the ocean and cruising at a young age. From sailing across pristine Caribbean waters to embarking on daring expeditions to far-flung destinations, he has amassed a treasure trove of first-hand experiences in the world of cruising.

Alfons‘ journey into the travel industry began as a travel writer, where he honed his storytelling skills and developed a keen eye for detail. His words carried readers away on virtual voyages, captivating them with vivid imagery and inspiring wanderlust. Over the years, Alfons has honed his expertise in the cruising domain, and he continues to immerse himself in the latest trends and developments within the industry.

Combining his passion for travel with his love for technology, Alfons recognized the need for a reliable and informative platform that would assist travelers in making well-informed decisions about their cruise vacations. It was this vision that led to the creation of Voyager Info – a one-stop destination for everything cruise-related.

As Editor in Chief, Alfons is committed to ensuring that every piece of content presented on Voyager Info is of the highest quality. He leads a team of dedicated travel experts who share his enthusiasm for cruising and possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Under his guidance, the team works tirelessly to curate accurate, up-to-date, and engaging information for our esteemed visitors.

Apart from his editorial responsibilities, Alfons is known for his exceptional communication skills and hands-on approach to connecting with Voyager Info’s community. He takes the time to engage with readers, respond to their queries, and foster an interactive space where cruise enthusiasts can share their experiences, tips, and recommendations.

Beyond the digital realm, Alfons can often be found exploring new cruise destinations firsthand. His adventurous spirit and desire to discover hidden gems have taken him to breathtaking corners of the world, allowing him to forge a deep connection with various cultures and landscapes.

With Alfons at the helm, Voyager Info has become more than just a website—it’s a portal of inspiration and discovery for travelers seeking the magic of cruising. His dedication to enriching the cruise experience for everyone shines through in every aspect of the platform, making Voyager Info a trusted companion for travelers around the globe.

When not embarking on new voyages or crafting captivating content, Alfons enjoys indulging in photography, capturing the essence of the places he visits and the people he meets. These snapshots become a window into the diverse and enchanting world of cruising, reflecting the true spirit of exploration.

Join Alfons and the entire Voyager Info team on this exciting journey as we continue to set sail into uncharted waters, providing you with an exceptional cruise experience that will leave you with cherished memories that last a lifetime. Bon voyage!


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