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As a travel enthusiast, I have always believed that the world is my oyster. And in today’s digital age, there are countless travel influencers who are here to guide and inspire us on our adventures.

From Dana Freeman’s expert travel tips to Melvin Bӧcher’s insightful recommendations, these influencers have become the go-to source for all things travel.

Whether you’re craving iconic hand-holding photos in front of landmarks with Murad and Nataly Osmann or seeking culinary adventures with Kelly Rizzo and Megan Murphy, there’s an influencer out there for every wanderlust-filled soul.

So let’s dive into the world of these must-follow travel influencers and let them be our compass on this incredible journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Dana Freeman, Melvin Bӧcher, Kelly Rizzo, and Sheri Griffiths are must-follow travel influencers who provide valuable tips, recommendations, and inspiration for travelers.
  • Murad and Nataly Osmann gained massive social media following with their iconic hand-holding photos in front of landmarks, making them popular influencers to follow for travel inspiration.
  • Christina Vidal and Giaro Giarrantana specialize in luxury and exotic destinations, offering unique perspectives and showcasing attractive men and fabulous scenery.
  • Bill Panoff and Sheri Griffiths focus on cruise vacations, providing valuable insights, tips, and information on cruise lines, itineraries, and excursions.

Influencers for General Travel Tips and Recommendations

I follow Dana Freeman because she provides general travel tips and recommendations that I find helpful for planning my trips. Her expertise in travel shines through in her posts, where she shares the best travel hacks and packing tips.

I always learn something new from her about how to make my trips more efficient and enjoyable. One thing I love about Dana’s content is that she doesn’t just focus on popular tourist destinations. She also uncovers hidden gems and off the beaten path destinations that I might not have discovered on my own.

This adds a sense of adventure and excitement to my travels, as I know I’ll be experiencing something unique and special. Dana’s recommendations have never let me down, and I trust her expertise when it comes to planning my next trip.

Influencers Known for Iconic Hand-Holding Photos in Front of Landmarks

Murad and Nataly Osmann gained a massive social media following with their campaign called Follow Me To, known for their iconic hand-holding photos in front of landmarks. Their creative photo techniques to capture iconic landmarks have had a significant impact on travel influencer culture.

The idea of holding hands and exploring the world together has resonated with people all over the globe. These photos not only showcase beautiful destinations but also convey a sense of love, adventure, and unity. They have inspired countless individuals to embark on their own journeys and create similar hand-holding photos.

The Osmanns have become pioneers in this style of photography, and their influence can be seen in the countless imitations and hashtags that have emerged. Their images have truly become iconic symbols of wanderlust and exploration.

Influencers Who Focus on Food and Culinary Adventures

Kelly Rizzo, the host and creator of Eat Travel Rock TV, travels from coast to coast finding hidden gems and documenting her culinary adventures. From street food to Michelin starred restaurants, she explores the world through food, uncovering the best culinary finds along the way.

As one of the top foodie travel influencers, Kelly reveals her favorite hidden gems, showcasing the diverse and delicious flavors that can be found across the globe. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall taco stand in Mexico City or a luxurious fine dining experience in Paris, Kelly’s passion for food shines through in her vibrant and engaging content.

With each episode of Eat Travel Rock TV, she takes her audience on a mouthwatering journey, inspiring them to embark on their own culinary adventures.

Influencers Who Specialize in Luxury and Exotic Destinations

Christina Vidal, known as Jetset Christina, offers unique perspectives on luxury and exotic destinations through her website and social media accounts. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for travel, Christina takes her followers on a journey of opulence and adventure.

Through her experiences, Christina provides a fresh and distinctive viewpoint on luxury travel, giving her audience a glimpse into the lavish world of high-end accommodations, exclusive resorts, and breathtaking destinations. She immerses herself in the local culture, capturing the essence of each location and sharing it with her followers.

In addition to her insights on luxury travel, Christina also explores exotic dining experiences. From Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden gems off the beaten path, she uncovers culinary treasures that tantalize the taste buds and elevate the dining experience. Her mouthwatering photographs and vivid descriptions transport her audience to the table, allowing them to savor each moment.

Through her unique perspectives on luxury travel and exotic dining experiences, Jetset Christina offers a captivating and inspiring journey for travel enthusiasts seeking a taste of the extraordinary.

Influencers Who Focus on Cruise Vacations

As a cruise enthusiast, I have found valuable information and tips from various travel influencers who specialize in cruise vacations. These influencers have provided me with insights on top cruise destinations and itineraries, as well as tips for first-time cruisers.

One influencer that I follow is Bill Panoff, a magician turned cruise industry expert. He hosts a YouTube show called Cruise Control, where he provides insights on innovations, ships, menus, and itineraries.

Another influencer I rely on is Sheri Griffiths, the host of the YouTube series CruiseTips TV. She covers everything from packing tips to shore excursions and ship tours in a fun and entertaining presentation style.

These influencers are trusted resources for cruise-related information and have helped me plan unforgettable cruise vacations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Dana Freeman Discover Her Love for Travel and Blogging?

I discovered my love for travel and blogging after a successful marketing career. Exploring the green mountains of Vermont sparked my passion. It led me to become a member of the Travel Bloggers Influence Network and a frequent contributor to Porthole Cruise magazine.

What Is the Hashtag Used by Murad and Nataly Osmann for Their Famous Hand-Holding Photos in Front of Landmarks?

The hashtag used by Murad and Nataly Osmann for their famous hand-holding photos in front of landmarks is #FollowMeTo. They have gained a massive social media following with their iconic campaign.

Which Travel Influencer Is Known for Showcasing Attractive Men and Fabulous Scenery on Instagram?

One of the top Instagram travel influencers known for showcasing attractive men and fabulous scenery is Giaro Giarrantana. His Instagram account takes viewers on journeys to exotic locales, offering unique and interesting perspectives.

What Type of Information and Tips Does Sheri Griffiths Provide in Her Youtube Series Cruisetips Tv?

Sheri Griffiths, on her YouTube series CruiseTips TV, provides valuable cruise tips, recommendations, and packing advice. She started the series to share her knowledge and love for cruising, becoming a trusted resource for cruise-related information.

Besides Their Social Media Accounts, in What Other Platforms Can You Find Kelly Rizzo’s Travel Adventures?

Kelly Rizzo’s travel adventures can be found on other platforms like YouTube and her personal blog. She takes viewers on a journey to hidden gems and shares her experiences from coast to coast.


In conclusion, these must-follow travel influencers provide a wealth of tips, recommendations, and inspiration for travelers. Whether you’re looking for general travel advice, iconic hand-holding photos, culinary adventures, luxury destinations, or cruise vacation tips, there’s an influencer for every travel interest.

Their expertise and perspectives will guide you on your own travel journey, like a compass pointing you in the right direction. So, grab your passport and let these influencers be your travel companions on the road to unforgettable adventures.

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