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Passionate Cruise Exec’s Love for Rod Stewart and Travel




An image capturing a passionate cruise executive's love for Rod Stewart and travel: A vintage-inspired cabin adorned with Rod Stewart concert posters, a world map covered in pins, and a vinyl record player playing "Sailing" in the background

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Coincidence has a funny way of shaping our lives. Who would have thought that a love for Rod Stewart and a passion for travel would intertwine so perfectly in my story? As the president and COO of Crystal Cruises, I bring my unwavering dedication and restless drive to the luxury cruise industry. But it all began with a childhood fascination for both Rod Stewart’s music and the world beyond my hometown of New York. Join me on this remarkable journey as I share my incredible experiences and the unique connection between my two greatest passions.

Key Takeaways

  • Edie Rodriguez has been a passionate Rod Stewart fan since the age of 12, having seen him perform 253 times around the world.
  • Rod Stewart has played a significant role in Rodriguez’s life, calling her up on stage for her 50th birthday and having his song played at her wedding with her name substituted for Shelly.
  • Rodriguez’s restlessness and drive, combined with her strong work ethic, contribute to her success as the president and chief operating officer of Crystal Cruises.
  • Rodriguez’s love for travel originated from her childhood in New York and led her to become a travel consultant despite having no money. This passion for travel is now deeply embedded in her soul.

Edie Rodriguez: A Rod Stewart Fanatic

I’ve been a Rod Stewart fanatic since I was 12 and have seen him perform 253 times around the world. One of the things that makes me love him even more is Edie Rodriguez’s Rod Stewart collection. It’s truly impressive. She has an extensive collection of memorabilia, including rare vinyl records, concert posters, and even personal items from Rod himself. As for my favorite Rod Stewart songs, it’s hard to choose just a few. "Maggie May" is definitely at the top of the list, with its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. "Forever Young" and "Have I Told You Lately" are also favorites of mine, as they capture the essence of Rod’s romantic and soulful side. Edie Rodriguez’s passion for Rod Stewart is truly inspiring, and it’s clear that she shares the same love for his music as I do.

The Restless Drive of Edie Rodriguez

Driven by an unyielding restlessness, my energy and dedication propel me forward in my pursuits. The impact of passion is undeniable, and it has been the driving force behind my success. Here are three ways that my restlessness has shaped my journey:

  1. Endless Curiosity: Restlessness fuels my insatiable desire for knowledge and growth. It pushes me to constantly seek new experiences and expand my horizons. This curiosity has allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of the industry and make informed decisions.

  2. Tireless Work Ethic: My restlessness translates into a relentless work ethic. I am like the Energizer Bunny, constantly striving to do more and achieve greater heights. This unwavering dedication has propelled me to take on challenging projects and deliver exceptional results.

  3. Creative Innovation: Restlessness pushes me to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. It drives me to come up with innovative ideas and solutions, even in the wee hours of the night. This constant thirst for creativity has been instrumental in driving success and pushing boundaries in my career.

From New York to the World: Edie Rodriguez’s Love for Travel

Growing up in New York, my childhood love for exploration and adventure ignited a lifelong quest to experience the world. This passion for travel has shaped my life and career, leading me on a remarkable journey from New York to becoming a cruise executive.


Travel became ingrained in my soul at an early age, despite not having much money. Determined to see the world, I pursued a career as a travel consultant and eventually relocated to [unknown location]. It was during this time that I discovered the transformative power of travel, not only for myself but also for others.

Today, as the president and chief operating officer of Crystal Cruises, I bring this same passion and drive to my role. I am responsible for the overall operations of the luxury cruise line, and I firmly believe that travel has the power to create unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. It is this belief that has contributed to the success of Crystal Cruises and continues to inspire me every day.

Edie Rodriguez: Leading Crystal Cruises With Passion

As the president and chief operating officer of Crystal Cruises, my commitment to excellence drives me to lead with unwavering dedication and determination. Edie Rodriguez’s leadership style at Crystal Cruises has had a significant impact on the company’s success. Her passion and drive have been instrumental in shaping her career journey. From her early days as a travel consultant to her current role at Crystal Cruises, Rodriguez’s love for travel has been a driving force. This passion translates into her leadership style, where she brings a contagious enthusiasm and energy to her team. Her ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas has propelled Crystal Cruises to new heights. With her unwavering dedication to excellence, Rodriguez has created a culture of success at Crystal Cruises, where every team member is inspired to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests.

Discovering the World Through Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine

I credit Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine for expanding my horizons and introducing me to new destinations and experiences around the world. Through the magazine, I have been able to uncover unique travel destinations and explore hidden gems that I never would have known about otherwise. Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine serves as the ultimate cruise lover’s guide, providing valuable information and tips for navigating the world of cruising. Whether it’s discovering the best itineraries, learning about the latest ship launches, or finding the perfect shore excursions, this magazine has it all. With its in-depth articles and stunning photography, it truly brings the world of travel to life. Thanks to Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine, I am constantly inspired to embark on new adventures and create unforgettable memories.

Uniting Passions: Rod Stewart, Travel, and Edie Rodriguez

After discovering the world through Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine, I realized that my passions for Rod Stewart and travel are deeply intertwined. Rod Stewart’s music has been a constant source of inspiration and joy in my life since the age of 12. His songs have accompanied me on countless adventures around the world, and his live performances have left an indelible mark on my soul. Travel, on the other hand, has shaped me in profound ways. It has broadened my horizons, exposed me to different cultures, and ignited a sense of wanderlust that drives me to explore new destinations. The impact of travel on my life cannot be overstated – it has fueled my curiosity, sparked my creativity, and instilled in me a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our world. Both Rod Stewart’s influence and the transformative power of travel have shaped me into the passionate cruise executive that I am today.

Rod Stewart’s Influence The Impact of Travel
– Music inspires and brings joy to my life – Broadens my horizons and exposes me to different cultures
– Live performances leave a lasting impression – Ignites my sense of wanderlust and fuels my curiosity
– Provides a constant source of inspiration – Sparks my creativity and appreciation for the world’s beauty
– Accompanies me on adventures around the world – Transforms me and shapes my perspective on life

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Edie Rodriguez Become a Rod Stewart Fanatic?

I became a Rod Stewart fanatic at the age of 12. His music has had a profound impact on my life. The soulful lyrics and energetic performances resonate with me.

What Is the Significance of Rod Stewart Calling Edie Rodriguez up on Stage for Her 50th Birthday?

Rod Stewart calling me up on stage for my 50th birthday was a dream come true. It symbolized his impact on my career and his influence on my personal life. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

How Did Edie Rodriguez Incorporate Rod Stewart’s Song Into Her Wedding?

For my wedding, I incorporated Rod Stewart’s song ‘Shelly My Love’ by substituting my name. It was a special touch that reflected my love for his music. Planning my wedding was a journey filled with excitement and creativity.

Where Did Edie Rodriguez Plan Her Multiple Weddings?

I planned multiple weddings in extravagant destinations. My favorite Rod Stewart songs were incorporated into the ceremonies, including one on a Crystal Cruises sailing and one at the Elvis Chapel in Vegas.

How Did Edie Rodriguez’s Love for Travel Develop?

As a child, my love for travel developed through a burning desire to see the world. Despite limited funds, I became a travel consultant and it seeped into my soul, becoming my lifelong passion.


In conclusion, Edie Rodriguez’s love for Rod Stewart and travel has shaped her remarkable journey in the cruise industry. Like a compass guiding a ship, her passion and drive have propelled her to new heights, overseeing the operations of Crystal Cruises with unwavering dedication. Just as Rod Stewart called her up on stage for her 50th birthday, Rodriguez continues to captivate audiences with her relentless pursuit of excellence. Through Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine, she invites us to embark on a voyage of discovery, uniting the passions of music, exploration, and leadership.

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