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Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary: Nostalgic Fun and Exciting Celebrations




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Hey there! Can you believe it? Princess Cruises is turning 50 this year, and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate.

From themed dining experiences featuring dishes from the past five decades to special desserts by renowned chocolatier Norman Love, this anniversary is all about nostalgia and excitement.

And let’s not forget the Love Boat Disco Deck Party, complete with a 1970s theme and a sing-along to the show’s theme song.

It’s going to be a year full of memorable and exciting celebrations, so get ready to embark on a journey down memory lane with Princess Cruises!

Key Takeaways

  • Princess Cruises offers themed dining experiences that take guests on a culinary journey through time, featuring retro classics and modern favorites.
  • Guests can indulge in special desserts and cocktails created by Chocolatier Norman Love, with decadent flavors and artistic presentation.
  • Mixologist Spike Marchant has created new cocktails inspired by the past five decades, offering a unique sensory experience and transporting guests to different times and places.
  • The Love Boat Disco Deck Party is a lively celebration with themed decorations, entertainment, and a live kiss cam, providing a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love.

Themed Dining Experiences: Dishes From the Past Five Decades

I can’t wait to try the themed dining experiences on the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Celebration. It’s like taking a culinary journey through time, exploring popular dishes from different eras. From retro classics like beef Wellington and shrimp cocktail to modern favorites like sushi and avocado toast, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Each themed dining room will transport guests to a different era, with decor and ambiance that perfectly complements the menu. Whether you’re craving comfort food from the 70s or gourmet creations from the present, these themed dining experiences are sure to delight and tantalize your taste buds.

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

Special Desserts and Cocktails by Chocolatier Norman Love

Norman Love has created special desserts and cocktails for the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Celebration. As a renowned chocolatier, Love’s creations are sure to delight passengers with their decadent flavors and artistic presentation.

From rich chocolate truffles to intricate chocolate sculptures, his desserts are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Additionally, mixologist Spike Marchant has crafted a selection of cocktails that perfectly complement Love’s creations. With unique flavor combinations and expertly mixed ingredients, Marchant’s cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to a luxurious evening onboard.

Together, Love and Marchant have created an unforgettable culinary experience that showcases the best of Princess Cruises’ 50-year legacy.

Passengers can indulge in these delectable treats and sip on exquisite cocktails while celebrating the cruise line’s milestone anniversary.

New Cocktails by Mixologist Spike Marchant

Spike Marchant, the talented mixologist, has crafted a selection of new cocktails that are sure to impress passengers during the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Celebration. Inspired by the nostalgic theme of the event, Marchant has created unique cocktail creations that pay homage to the past five decades.

From classic concoctions to modern twists, each drink tells a story of its own. Marchant’s inspiration comes from the iconic role of Princess Cruises in The Love Boat TV series, as well as the vibrant disco era. His attention to detail and innovative techniques result in cocktails that not only taste fantastic but also provide a sensory experience.

Passengers can expect to be transported to a different time and place with each sip. Marchant’s new cocktails are set to elevate the celebration, offering a refreshing and unforgettable experience for all.

Love Boat Disco Deck Party: A 1970s-themed Celebration

The Love Boat Disco Deck Party is a lively and vibrant celebration that takes passengers back to the 1970s with its themed decorations and entertainment. It’s a blast from the past, with disco music, colorful lights, and groovy dance moves.

One of the highlights of this party is the live kiss cam, capturing sweet and romantic moments between couples. It adds a fun and interactive element to the festivities.

Additionally, the Love Boat Disco Deck Party also recognizes weddings and anniversaries, making it a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love.

Whether you’re a fan of The Love Boat TV series or simply enjoy immersing yourself in the nostalgia of the 1970s, this party is a must-attend event on the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Shopping Opportunities at Princess Cruises Marketplace

I love exploring the variety of stores and boutiques at the Princess Cruises Marketplace. It offers an incredible shopping experience at sea, with luxurious items and duty-free souvenirs to choose from.

Here are four reasons why the Princess Cruises Marketplace is a must-visit:

  1. Luxury Shopping: The Marketplace is a haven for luxury shopping enthusiasts. From high-end fashion brands to exquisite jewelry, you can find everything you desire in one place.

  2. Duty-Free Souvenirs: Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or mementos to remember your cruise, the Marketplace has a wide selection of duty-free souvenirs. You can find items that showcase the destinations you’ve visited or the cruise line’s iconic logo.

  3. Variety of Stores: The Marketplace houses a range of stores and boutiques, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in search of designer clothing, beauty products, or home décor, you’ll find it all here.

  4. Unique Shopping Experience: Shopping onboard a cruise ship adds an extra element of excitement to the experience. The Marketplace offers a unique environment where you can browse, try on, and purchase items while surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.

Yearlong Festivities: Celebrating the Past Five Decades

Throughout the year, we are celebrating the past five decades with a series of festivities. Our 50th Anniversary Celebration on Princess Cruises is filled with nostalgic music and iconic fashion, taking you on a journey through time.

Picture yourself on the disco deck, surrounded by the vibrant colors and groovy beats of the 1970s. As you dance the night away, the movies under the stars screen showcases The Love Boat, reminding you of the iconic TV series that captured hearts worldwide.

Onboard, you’ll find a marketplace filled with shopping opportunities, where you can indulge in a unique shopping experience at sea. From souvenirs to luxury items, our boutiques offer a wide variety of options.

Join us as we commemorate the past five decades and create unforgettable memories on our Princess Cruises.

Love Boat Fun in 2015: Memorable and Nostalgic Experiences

Join us as we experience a blast from the past with themed dining, special desserts, and a disco deck party that will transport you back to the groovy vibes of the 1970s.

Love Boat cast appearances: Get ready to meet some of your favorite stars from the iconic TV series as they make special appearances onboard. It’s a chance to relive the magic and create unforgettable memories.

Movies Under the Stars showcasing The Love Boat: Grab a seat under the stars and enjoy a screening of episodes from The Love Boat. It’s the perfect opportunity to reminisce about the show that captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Live kiss cam: Feel the love in the air as the cruise ship’s kiss cam captures special moments between couples. It’s a fun and romantic experience that adds to the nostalgic atmosphere of the Love Boat celebrations.

Get ready for a journey back in time as you immerse yourself in the love and laughter of the 1970s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Purchase the Themed Dining Room Menu Dishes From the Past Five Decades?

To purchase the themed dining room menu dishes from the past five decades, I would recommend reaching out to Princess Cruises directly. They can provide you with information on how to obtain these nostalgic recipes and memorabilia.

Can I Buy the Special Desserts Created by Chocolatier Norman Love Outside of the Cruise?

No, you can’t buy the special desserts created by chocolatier Norman Love outside of the cruise. They are exclusive to Princess Cruises and part of the 50th-anniversary celebration.

What Are Some of the Unique Cocktails Created by Mixologist Spike Marchant?

Mixologist Spike Marchant has created some unique cocktail recipes that are a must-try. From his signature creations to classic favorites with a twist, his drinks are a perfect blend of creativity and flavor.

Is There a Dress Code for the Love Boat Disco Deck Party?

There is no specified dress code for the Love Boat Disco Deck Party, but it is recommended to wear 1970s-themed attire. Dress in colorful, retro outfits with bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and disco-inspired accessories to fully embrace the nostalgic atmosphere.

Can I Find Any Exclusive Souvenirs or Luxury Items at the Princess Cruises Marketplace?

Yes, you can find exclusive souvenirs and luxury items at the Princess Cruises Marketplace. They offer a unique shopping experience at sea with a variety of stores and boutiques.


Wow, Princess Cruises’ 50th anniversary celebrations are truly a trip down memory lane! From themed dining experiences featuring dishes from the past five decades to special desserts and cocktails crafted by renowned experts, the cruise line has truly gone all out to create a nostalgic and exciting experience for passengers.

The Love Boat Disco Deck Party, with its 1970s theme and live kiss cam, sounds like an absolute blast. And who can resist a sing-along to The Love Boat theme song?

With movies under the stars and a shopping experience at the Princess Cruises Marketplace, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Princess Cruises has truly outdone themselves with these yearlong festivities, making it a celebration to remember for the past five decades.

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