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Tipping On A Cruise: Guide And Recommendations




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I’ve always loved going on cruises, but one thing that has always confused me is tipping. How much should I tip? When should I tip? And who should I tip? These questions can make the process feel overwhelming.

That’s why I decided to write this guide on tipping on a cruise, to provide you with useful recommendations and make the experience a little less daunting.

Take, for example, my recent trip with Virgin Voyages. They include gratuities in their advertised cruise fares, which is a great convenience. You have the option to prepay or settle the bill at the end of the cruise, giving you flexibility. Prepaying allows for better budgeting, while waiting allows you to purchase other services first. You can even adjust the total amount and remove automatic gratuities if you prefer to tip in cash.

In this article, I will cover different tipping options, customs and considerations, as well as miscellaneous information to help you navigate the tipping process on your next cruise. So, let’s dive in and make sure you’re prepared to show your appreciation to the hardworking crew members who make your cruise experience truly special.

Key Takeaways

  • Virgin Voyages includes gratuities in advertised cruise fares, providing convenience for passengers.
  • Passengers have the option to prepay gratuities or settle the bill at the end of the cruise, allowing for flexibility in payment.
  • Cash tipping is recommended if automatic gratuities are removed, giving passengers the opportunity to personally show appreciation.
  • It is customary to tip porters and tour guides in ports of call, so passengers should factor in these additional gratuities when budgeting for their cruise vacation.

Tipping Options

I can choose between two options for tipping on a cruise: prepaying or settling the bill at the end of the cruise. Prepaying allows for better budgeting, as I can include the gratuities in my initial cruise fare. It also gives me the advantage of not having to worry about settling the bill later on.

On the other hand, settling the bill at the end of the cruise gives me flexibility in purchasing other services first and adjusting the total amount of gratuities if needed. If I decide to remove the automatic gratuities, it’s recommended to have cash for tipping. It’s important to note that accounts are considered final upon disembarkation.

Additionally, I can use onboard credit to settle the bill, including gratuities. Bringing extra cash for additional tips is optional but greatly appreciated by the crew.

Customs and Considerations

When considering the cost of a cruise vacation, it’s important to factor in the customary daily rate for gratuities, which ranges from $10-$20 per person, per day.

Tipping etiquette on a cruise ship is an essential aspect of ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both passengers and crew members. To help you navigate this aspect of cruising, here are some budgeting tips:

  • Plan ahead: Prepaying gratuities allows for better budgeting as it can be included in the overall cruise fare.
  • Adjust as needed: The total amount of gratuities can be adjusted and automatic gratuities can be removed, giving you more control over your expenses.
  • Cash tipping: If automatic gratuities are removed, it’s recommended to tip in cash, as it’s a more personal gesture of appreciation.
  • Extra cash for additional tips: While not mandatory, bringing extra cash for additional tipping, especially for shore excursions, is a thoughtful gesture that’s appreciated by crew members.

By following these customs and considerations, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable cruise experience while also being mindful of your budget.

Miscellaneous Information

Elizabeth Wright, a graduate of NYU with a degree in journalism, fell in love with cruising after sailing on the Oasis of the Seas. Her passion for cruising led her to explore various cruise lines and share her experiences through her blog. One interesting aspect she discovered is the ranking of Carnival Ships from newest to oldest. This information can be helpful for travelers who want to choose a ship based on its age and amenities. To illustrate this ranking, here is a table showcasing the Carnival Ships in order:

Rank Carnival Ships
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4 Oldest Ship

By providing this ranking, Elizabeth aims to assist cruise enthusiasts in making informed decisions when selecting a Carnival ship for their next adventure. Her cruise experiences and knowledge about the industry make her a reliable source for cruise-related information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gratuities mandatory on a cruise ship?

Gratuities on a cruise ship: mandatory or optional? Handling gratuities on a cruise requires understanding the customs and options available. While gratuities are typically automatically included, removing them is possible. Tips and advice on how to navigate this aspect of cruising.

Can I adjust the amount of gratuities I pay?

Yes, you can adjust the amount of gratuities you pay on a cruise ship. It is customary to tip, and the total cost of gratuities should be factored into your budget.

Are there any additional tipping customs I should be aware of?

Yes, there are additional tipping customs to be aware of on a cruise. It is customary to tip porters and tour guides in ports of call. Additionally, it is recommended to carry at least $100 for various tips, especially for shore excursions, and factor in the cost of gratuities into your cruise vacation budget.

Is it common to tip the crew members on a cruise ship?

Cultural differences play a significant role in tipping etiquette on cruise ships. While some cultures expect generous tipping, others may not. It is common to tip crew members on a cruise ship as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and excellent service.

What are the pros and cons of prepaying gratuities?

The pros of prepaying gratuities on a cruise include better budgeting and the option to remove automatic gratuities. However, it may impact service quality as cash tipping is recommended if automatic gratuities are removed. Alternative ways to show appreciation include bringing extra cash for additional tips.

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